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After a rebuild and reinstallation of the motor and transmission, the only think that didn't work was my horn. I checked the fuse and am now going to begin the wire trace. Any helpful hints before I get started would be apprecited.



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One thing you need to check for sure-there is a brass arm that is suppose to ride on the back side of the steering wheel. If it got bent and is not touching any more your horns will never work. Basically when you push the horn button in it goes to ground completing the horns circuit.

There is also a rubber doughnut that acts like a spring. If that is missing or worn it can cause problems as well. A good replacement is 1/4" clear plastic tubing. Put a piece of wire inside of the tubing
to keep a circular shape while putting the horn button assembly back on the steering column.

That is a start. Good luck! :wink: