Suspension rides rough

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Suspension rides rough

Post by kt »

When hitting a bump in the road, a shock is sent through the car.
When hitting small bumps in the road, the whole car rattles.

The previous owner installed new KYB GR2 gas shocks(in front) about 40k miles ago,
Is this the best smooth ride I can get out of this car?
What else can i look into?


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RE:Shocks and Rattles

Post by S Allen »

Well, the GR2's are pretty good shocks for a street car. If you push down on one side or the other of the front of the car it should spring back up. Enough to where you notice it. If it does not the shocks are getting tired. Is the front suspension in good shape? Worn or loose parts will shake, rattle, and roll. On the rear end I like to use the eurathane kit which has bushings and pads for the leaf springs. It really makes a noticeable difference in the feel and ride. Rattles can come from many things. 40,000 is not alot of miles but shocks can go bad. The GR2 shocks can be had for less than $100 if you shop around. Good luck. :idea:


Rattles and Knocks

Post by TR »

One answer would be: Welcome to the wonderful "sporty" ride of the Datsun Roadster!

You may have something else going on, though...
If there is a knock sound associated with the shock and rattle, there are a few things to check:
The A-arms can become loose (this should be checked regularly!)
Suspension could be worn (always make sure the grease points are greased)
Easy check:
Lift the front of the car by the crossmember (support it solidly and evenly-it is thin metal and you will probably end up putting your head under the car to look here and there).
Grab one wheel while a friend grabs the other (wheels only need to be an inch off of the ground).
Take turns shaking the wheels. If there is any slop or any knocking noise, track it down and tighten or replace.

General rules:
Rubber suspension is more comfortable, urethane is stiffer and more positive (transmits more road vibration)
Low profile tires also provide a more positive feel but transmit harsh bumps

If there is a sound associated with the feel, take a look sooner than later, good luck! TR