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Does anyone know the part numbers for the NISMO Limited Slip Differentials?

I know they are out of production and out of stock in the US, but I am checking in Japan. Hopefully there are some left somewhere, maybe even used!

I would appreciate the part numbers for the 3.7, 3.9 and 4.11 LSD's if someone has a catalog.

Thanks! TR

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Here are the numbers for the H190 Ring & Pinion Sets for the 1600/2000

3.700 R&P Set 38100-77700*
3.889 R&P Set 38100-A5300*
4.375 R&P Set 38100-26000
5.874 R&P Set 38100-19901

4mm/.158" Ring gear Spacer

Note:The 'early' style ring gear has an OD of 190mm(H190), an ID of 120mm, uses a 3/8" ring gear bolt (38102-01300) and is designed to work in the 1600/2000 H190 3rd member with an aluminum housing.

The part number for the lmited slip assembly is 38420-RS610.

Source 2002 Competition Catalog

Good luck!!



What is???

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Hey, what is a H-190-A rear axle? Has anyone heard of it?

I have a friend in Japan looking for a LSD and he says that the LSD for the H-190 rear ends are no longer available (same there as here), but the H-190-A LSD is available. He said the H-190-A is used in Taxi's. He is checking on compatibility, but Nissan has not yet responded...

Anyone know anything about these?

Thanks for the quick answers on the previous post!