5 min warm ups

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5 min warm ups

Post by kt »

After starting, my cold engine needs about 5 mins
to warm up before i can start driving.
If i attempt to drive before then, the engine wants
to stall out when i slip it in gear and step down on
the accel pad.
it also sometimes backfires into the air cleaner.
i know this must be bad, so i always let it warm up.

question is, why does this happen?
cold intake valves=stuck intake valves??
or is it more serious?

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RE:5 minute warm-ups

Post by S Allen »


Roadsters are cold blooded by nature but back firing usually inidicates a lean condition. Besides, we live in Cali so it should not take too long for the car to warm up. When was the last time the car received a full tune-up? Check or replace the easy things first. Air cleaner filter-is it dirty? Points, plugs(correct gaps on both), cap, rotor and wires. Pull the plugs and look for fouling(black sooty). You want to see a light tan to greyish color when the motor is runnning well. Fuel filter? Next, check the timing and valve clearances. The last thing you want to do is adjust the carbs. Although not really hard to do-some people just cannot get it right. And it is really difficult to find a mechanic today that is good with SUs. Any way, that is a start. I am sure someone else will have other suggestions. Good luck.


Cold Start

Post by TR »

It may be something to do with the choke circuit on the carbs. Check the articles on this site and Ztherapy.com has a good video for first timers and veterans of the SU carbs...

Good Luck, TR