Original Locking Gas Cap?

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Original Locking Gas Cap?

Post by 70MTroadster » Sat Jan 25, 2003 11:53 pm

I bought this off Ebay. When it arrived I tried to get it to work but the dogs that engage the interior of the filler neck protrude way too far beyond the rubber gasket and so the cap would not seal at all. I built a thick steel "washer" in the lathe that would go under the rubber gasket, thus reducing the "slop" and it now goes on tight and works fine. BUT, instead of sitting over the filler neck, it sits, basically, on top of it. Anybody have an original locking cap like this one (or is this an original?) that can shed some light on what is going on here? The car is a 70 1600 and as far as I know is completely stock as far as the gas tank filler goes.
Also, I would guess the inside diameter of the cap is 1/4 inch bigger than the outside diameter of the filler neck. Is this normal?


refer to this link for a pic that might explain better what I'm getting at; http://www.311s.org/PublicPics/gascaplock.jpg


Gas caps are different on a 70

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RE; original cap

Post by 70MTroadster » Tue Jan 28, 2003 9:42 am

Thanks Mark, I knew if I posted it on this site I would get an answer.

Since I want a locking cap, I'll get by with the modification I made to it and be happy.



Correct Gas Cap

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locking gas cap filler neck

Post by spl310 » Wed Jan 29, 2003 9:13 am

I know that I have a spare early filler neck lying around here. If you want it, contact me off the bulletin board at spl310@hotmail.com
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Post by Victor Laury » Wed Jan 29, 2003 6:12 pm

Hey! The smooth gas cap is an item that makes a 70 a 70!