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Correct emblems?

Post by Revbang »

I have an early 67 SPL 311. What are the correct emblems for the sides and the back? Are they both the emblem with the Datsun in little letters followed by the 1600 in large numbers? Are all three interchangeable? What's a fair price?

P.S. Why do some models have the "Fairlady" emblem and other do not? Thanks for the forum! Mark

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Post by SLOroadster »

I think you want the conected Datsun 1600 emblems. The fairlady emblems are an aftermarket item that people have added. The connected 1600 emblems are off the early roadsters, I'm not sure if the 67s when to the seperate ones or not.

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The 67 1600s had a DATSUN and then 1600 below that on the rear end. I am not real sure about the front fenders. It was either the early style DATSUN 1600 as one emblem right above the fender trim or a DATSUN on top with a 1600 right below the trim under the DATSUN. I think it was the first one piece. The Fairlady emblem was for the Japanese market but has been used by many including me. :lol:



Fairlady badges are original for the 1500

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