VDO gauges - dont have a clue

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VDO gauges - dont have a clue

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I have installed a VDO clock and it is working great. I would like to replace the water temp, install a voltmeter (ammeter is gone), fuel gauge, and oil pressure gauge with series 1VDO gauges. The speedo and tach were rebuilt by the PO and i would like to keep them. My problem is i have no idea on what is needed or how to pick the right sender etc. any info or what i need specifically would be great. I have a 67 1600 4 speed.



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RE:Gauges and fittings

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The fittings are a bit different from early to late. The early were standard thread and the later metric. I could have it bass ackwards but I believe this to be correct. Your car is a 67 right? Should be standard thread. Your best bet is to go to a hardware store and buy some fittings to test fit and then order the proper adapters from VDO. I am pretty sure the oil line is 1/4" NPT but I am not 100% positive on this. On my early cast iron head I tapped the mounting hole out to accept a 3/8" adapter for my Autometer temperature sensor. Worked out great and best of all no leaks. Actually all of the Autometer gauges came with several sizes of adapters but I still had to do a trial and fit for the temperature gauge. When you do figure it out-please let us know so I can document it on the site. Good luck. :roll: