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Top frame info

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My new early 67 311 has a broken side piece on the top frame. It looks like it has been repaired before, but broken again. The piece that is broken is a very small 1" x 1" connecting piece. Any suggestions on how to fix permanently?


I know where another top frame is. It is disconnected from the car. Problem is he owns low and high windshield Datsuns. How do I tell if it is a low windsheild frame? How much is it worth? Thanks, Mark
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RE:Top Frame Differences

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That is a tough one. They look so much alike off the car. The easiest way to tell the difference is from the mounting brackets. The early low windshield cars have a frail looking clamp-wire that hooks onto the windshield bracket and you pull down on the lever. The later style were a lot heavier duty and latch kind of like a buckle. Many people use a velcro strap to keep them from coming undone. It would be tough to tell the difference otherwise. Another problem with a used top is the fact that they have usually shrunk so bad they just do not fit properly. Add in the fact that all posties and twisties are not in the exact same spot from car to car makes it interesting as well.
Frame prices-depends on who you are buying it from. I have seen top frames go for as much as $400 dollars.:shock: I would say a good used frame should not cost you any more than $150.00 to $200.00. :? You can pick up a vinyl top for $135.00 plus shipping that should serve your needs just fine. Stay away from the JC Whitless tops. They do not fit very well. Good luck.