H20 Forklift compatibility?

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H20 Forklift compatibility?

Post by howe »

Hi all,

Hopefully this is an acceptable place to post for information, I have seen plenty of discussion around this motor here but not so much anywhere else.

I have a complete H20 motor as I have just purchased a Datsun Cabstar, it's in fairly rough shape and I'll need to get it back up and running to a decent standard.
My main question is, how much compatability is there between the industrial forklift H20 vs the one I currently have in my Cabstar? I'm wondering what I can use, swap out, etc. (Things like electronic ignition, ancilliaries, rebuild kits etc.)

I would also be interested if anyone had some carb recommendations too for use in the Cabstar, and opinions on whether it's even worth keeping this motor to use in a pickup (I plan to kit it out as a camper).
I'm a little concerned about fuel economy :D
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Re: H20 Forklift compatibility?

Post by Gregs672000 »

I'm not very familiar with the H and R engines so I can't say how much things will cross over, but many here are... pics would likely help. The engines (R anyway) are pretty robust, simple and reliable. Cam choice will probably make some difference in how well it works for distant driving, and I would imagine that the cam chosen by the factory would favor low end torque more than high rpm horse power for a pick up/delivery truck application. I would want to keep that since you have some weight to move here. Fuel economy could improve more from spark/timing and decent fuel delivery (carb or EFI), and I think you'll have choices there as the later Nissan EI distributor can be merged with the original (or purchased as a unit) and depending on what intake manifold you have (probably not the dual SU) I wonder if a good ol Weber 32/36 DGV downdraft would bolt on. No idea what it would take to swap in a more modern engine, but it would certainly be more complicated than rebuilding the stock motor. Nissan supported these engines for a long time. We look forward to your project!
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Re: H20 Forklift compatibility?

Post by JT68 »

Is it an h20-1 or -2? Some -1 parts are interchangeable with metric R16, virtually no -2 parts are. Your best bet is a forklift parts company. Those parts are cheaper since they are Chinese and just meant to cruise around the warehouse at 2500 rpms.
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Re: H20 Forklift compatibility?

Post by Daryl Smith »

Best to post a picture of the engine, along with a close up of the engine serial #...we can go from there.
If it is the early H20, we can steer you towards a good increase in power over stock, while keeping it compatible with the intended truck usage.
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Re: H20 Forklift compatibility?

Post by spl310 »

I believe that the biggest differences in the industrial to the automotive will be the valve springs, possibly the cam and the advance curve. Rumor has it that it is just the springs, but I cannot verify that.
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Re: H20 Forklift compatibility?

Post by Nissanman »

If you are looking for one, here is a link to the H16[R] & H20 Service Manual: -
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