Oil Gallery plugs and engine wash after machining

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Re: Oil Gallery plugs and engine wash after machining

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Linda, one small plug on the front of the block, one opposite in the rear closing each end of the round oil gallery that runs the length of the block and bisects the distributor shaft area. You have to look for them. If machining or hot tanking is done, it is a good idea (though not easy) to extract them for your engine block wash, then install new ones. I rigged a tool that had a tube larger than the diameter of the plug with a long bolt that I threaded into the plug. Was not sure I should have gone to that trouble, but nice once it is done for peace of mind. A slide hammer might also work, but I like gentle threading better. Racers sometimes thread those 1/2 inch diameter holes for pipe plugs if they plan to rebuild often. The Nissan plugs work great. I bought extras for the next engines on my to do list.
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