No start after gas tank flush

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Re: No start after gas tank flush

Post by Curtis »

When I bought and drove my car home from CA the fuel pump went out. I put on an electric pump between the bowl and pump and away it went. Might be something you can try to make sure it is flowing fuel.

Later after I had replaced the mechanical pump and removed the electric one the car wouldn't run and wasn't filling the carbs. The culprit, the fuel bowl leaking air even with a new gasket. Took the bowl off and ran it over 600 grit on a piece of glass in a figure eight. Flattened out the rim and has sealed ever since.
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Re: No start after gas tank flush

Post by roadsterred »

Double-check you fuel lines at the tank. You may have crossed the fuel pickup line with the return line.

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Re: No start after gas tank flush

Post by jrusso07 »

Not sure about the R16 but the U20 has in line fuel screens in the carb banjo bolts (fuel inlets) - try removeing the bolt and look for crud blocking the screen. Clean as needed in carb cleaner. The Screens need to be changed as part of maintenance - not sure of the service interval? 10K miles maybe?

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