Steering wheel question

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Steering wheel question

Post by DatsunNissanFan »

I was under the impression that my 68 SPL steering wheel spline would accept a 240z or 510 steering wheel...My car had a grant style aftermarket one from PO. Anyway, I pulled the trigger on one off 510 and turns out that did't fit, one spline less than whats on my car. So I searched through this forum and notice people were fitting in 240z I bought a nice one and of course, that had the same issue. I'm starting to think that my car had a steering assembly swap or perhaps our cars aren't compatible with 240z or 510? I thought once could be a mistake, but both wheels not fitting has me totally confused. Car does have L18 swap, so maybe things were swapped when that was done? Anyway, thanks for your input. Just bummed that I can't put this beautifully refinished 240z steering wheel now...

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Re: Steering wheel question

Post by greydog » ... Discussion

I have a Momo in my '68 with a Momo adapter and a Grant in my '69 with a Grant adapter.
I don't recall any particular trouble with either but both took a bit of fiddling to get the hub on and fit well.
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Re: Steering wheel question

Post by Nissanman »

A sports wheel from a '73 240Z fitted straight onto my '65 SP310 :)
Nissanman, just trying to help.
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Re: Steering wheel question

Post by jrusso07 »

I put a Momo adapter listed for a 240Z on my 70 SRL without issue

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