2000 axle clearance

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Re: 2000 axle clearance

Post by ppeters914 »

ppeters914 wrote:
Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:58 pm
fj20spl311 wrote:
Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:54 pm
Measure it with a dial indicator with the shims removed
Sorry to be dense, but what is it? How would I do this with a dial indicator?
fj20spl311 wrote:
Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:54 pm
...or measure the depth and bearing thickness with calipers.
Again, depth of what? Where?
Installing axles within the next few days, and would love an answer to this.

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Re: 2000 axle clearance

Post by pebbles »

Depth of Axle housing, backing plate thickness and retainer depth.
Or just put it all together without shims and yank it in and out. May have to bolt the drum on backward for leverage.

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Re: 2000 axle clearance

Post by nolastyankee »

In simple terms, you are measuring the depth of the bearing and components that go into the axle housing vs the depth of the machined pocket in the axle housing to accept it.

Having just gone through this I have a couple thoughts:
1. I have found OE Nissan machine work is very, very good. Shims largely compensate for variation in bearings considering there is range of manufacturers making them.
2. I have taken apart 4 rear ends and found on all of them 2 OE shims per side at 0.003”. I have also found no more than 0.002” in machine work variance between housings using depth micrometers. I don’t know this but have a hunch the factory didn’t have someone measuring endplay on every housing and just used 2 shims as a standard and called it good.
3. Shims are NLA so you will have to be lucky on a purchase, recycle, or make. You are likely in the camp of the latter 2 which means you are most likely going to be working from the perspective of “do I use 1, 2, or 3”.
4. Not knowing your shop or skills, consider whether you have the ability to measure and adjust for 0.003” variance.

My recco: Unless you have the tools to come to a different conclusion, I would go back to the consistent factory setup of 0.006” using the 2 factory shims or 1 piece of home cut shim stock at 0.005”.

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Re: 2000 axle clearance

Post by Solex68 »

I have some shims for the rear axle. I'd have to dig up the sizes/part numbers.
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