defrost hose assembly

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steve c.

defrost hose assembly

Post by steve c. »

I noticed that the defroster doesn't blow as the hoses on my datsun 2000 are worn out. I just saw a assembly for sale on ebay for $32.

Is this price reasonable & what are the details of installation.

many thanks

steve. :D

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Post by browne »

steve, take out your radio console,remove the screws from the heater core-blower unit, line up hose, replace screws, pop hose over plastic defrost vent tubes on both sides, replace console,. no problem.

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RE:Defroster Hoses

Post by S Allen »

That's not a bad price. There really is not too much to it. If I remember right there is a rubber boot that fits on the heater(kind of Y shaped) and the two hoses that go to the defroster vents. Should work fine for you. You are quite the Ebayer these days. :lol: