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Re: gas gauge

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less frustrated wrote: Sat Aug 21, 2021 10:02 am Hello all. Thanks for all the advice. The gauge is working. Not perfectly yet. Fine adjusting is necessary but it is useable. Now in my 70th year, I have reduced my expectations during COVID and just in general. The kid in the auto parts store could not find a listing for an oil filter for a 1970 Datsun SRL 311. I understand his being unfamiliar with old cars, but really, did I have to tell him five times the year, make, and model number? Yepper. Now I need to point out an exception to all this incompetency. Dean at spent an hour on the phone with me yesterday working through my issues. Um, not all my issues, only the car issues. I think it is fair to say that without all the Forum folks and Dean, I'd be in jail for arson and the car would be a charred heap in the driveway. Now it is time to write the sign for the rear of the car that says 'Watkins Glen or bust'. Or is that tempting fate? Thank you Dean et al.
George Davis
Thank you George. We aim to be of service. The numbers on the regulator boxes reference production run and not any particular variant. We only sell the correct Nissan regulators,

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