Stainless steel side trim

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Re: Stainless steel side trim

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23yrRebuild wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:19 am
mraitch wrote: Wed May 12, 2021 9:19 pm yup - they are held on by clips similar to the ones that hold the door panels on - if you have a small prybar, or similar, use that - it spreads the load 'cos you don't want to pull the clip out of the panel. I think there are two per piece
I highly recommend using the proper tool for removing door trim panel, or similar panel, clips. I bought mine at my FLAP for about $5.00, smoothed out any little burrs that I thought might cause a nick or scratch, and wrapped a couple turns of masking tape around the bend of the tool that provides a fulcrum point for "levering" the clip from the hole.... IMHO, it is one of the best tools for 5 bucks I've ever spent, since I've had to remove my door panels a lot more than a couple of times over the last 40 years. But if you're careful, and lucky, you may not need it. In any case, not that big a deal, but without a design purposed tool, as always, YMMV...
FLAP?, X X Auto Parts....?

Something like this"

I need to buy one as well

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