Welcome to the Three One One Datsun Roadster Registry.
The old registry will no longer be updated. I am moving all of the entries to the database driven registry. Once that is complete I will kill the old registry.

Roadster Registry Database Driven:

Roadster Registry Database

Note:To take a look just login as a guest. To add or update your entry login as roadster with a password of registry. You can use the search function to see if your entry is there. You can also sort on any of the information. If you have problems just email the admin. Thanks.

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Registry view by year

SP/SPL 1960 (1 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1962 (1 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1963 (16 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1964 (74 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1965 (74 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1966 (308 vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1967 (595 Vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1968 (537 vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1969 (637 vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1970 (368 vehicles)

Registry view by:

View all registry entries (2611 vehicles)
View all scrapped entries (153 vehicles)
View all stolen entries (2 vehicles)

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Roadster Demographic Bar Chart:

Roadster Numbers by State and Country

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