Signs of a roadster maniac

311s You might be a roadster maniac if……..


submitted by Gary Boone a certified roadster maniac himself!!!

    • 1. Your EMAIL address refers to your roadster rather than to you.
    • 2. It doesn’t bother you to buy new roadster parts when you don’t know where you put your spares.
    • 3. You bought a second roadster before buying a house.
    • 4. You spend the money to restore your roadster before buying furniture for the new house.
    • 5. You could care less what gas mileage your roadster gets, even when you pay $2.00 a gallon.
    • 6. You find that you need a new house because your collection of roadsters has outgrown your garage.
    • 7. You sit in your roadster in a dark garage and make car noises and shift, while waiting for your motor to get back from the machine shop.
    • 8. Your garage holds more roadsters than your house has bedrooms.
    • 9. You have enough roadster spare parts to build another car.
    • 10. More than one roadster parts supplier recognizes your voice and greets you by name when you call.
    • 11. You have roadster parts in your cubicle at work.
    • 12. Your Christmas list begins with a set of Koni shocks and Panasports for your roadster (and your significant other knows what these are).
    • 13. People know you by your roadster’s year and color.
    • 14. You plan your life around your roadster restoration.
    • 15. You remember the dates and details of every part you’ve replaced on your roadster but can’t remember your phone number.
    • 16. You hate long distance driving, but you will gladly drive thousands of miles to Shasta.
    • 17. You own 5 roadsters and only one runs.
    • 18. You came back early from your vacation in order to get your roadster out of the shop.
    • 19. You have a large piece of roadster piston mounted on a wall plaque in your living room.
    • 20. The UPS truck stops at your house more than any other house on the block.
    • 21. You plan all your vacation around Shasta and your wife says ..not this year, again?
    • 22. You spend lunch hour reading the latest roadster email messages instead of eating with the group.
    • 23. You paid more for your 3 roadsters than for your house.
    • 24. You prepared for the purchase of a specific make and model of roadster for more than 2 years.
    • 25. You fix the roadster before you fix your daily driver.
    • 26. You like it when telemarketers call, because you can tell them about your roadster (because everybody else has already heard all about it).
    • 27. You used to have money.
    • 28. You try to justify your roadster hobby as continuing education.
    • 29. Your “daily driver” is continuously being mistaken for an abandoned car as you haven’t taken the time to wash it in over a year.
    • 30. Some of your best friends live 500 miles away.
    • 31. You have more pictures of your roadster than of your kids.
    • 32. You haven’t been to your family reunion for years because it’s always early July.
    • 33. The UPS man can’t believe that little box costs that much!
    • 34. The roadster gets waxed more often than your floor.
    • 35. Your neighbors think you’re crazy, your friends wonder, and you know you are.
    • 36. Your son and/or daughter was a ***ROC member when she was 1 day old.
    • 37. You actually enjoy driving in the rain or snow with the top down on the way to work.
    • 38. Your criteria for selecting a “significant other” includes roadster repair skills. Air tools are a plus.
    • 39. You know the VIN and production date of your roadster(s), but can’t remember your social security number.
    • 40. You buy really cheap tires for your everyday car, so you can save big $$$ for the roadster tires.
    • 41. You completely understand the term “Evil L”.
    • 42. You wonder why everyone doesn’t drive a roadster.
    • 43. You measure all family acquisitions in terms of the number of roadster parts that could have been purchased.
    • 44. You have tried to convince your wife you needed that UniSyn to fix the air filter on her minivan.
    • 45. You put receipts for the Solex kit and Panasports in the file labeled “Annual Auto Repair Expense”.
    • 46. You save broken roadster parts as “momentos”.
    • 47. You have a “home” toolbox and a “roadster” toolbox.
    • 48. You can look the hotel clerk straight in the eye and say “One Adult, and could I have some extra towels?”.
    • 49. You have 3 immaculate roadsters always road ready, but your wife has to nag you for 2 months before you fix the headlight in her car.
  • 50. You’ve actually taken the time to read this entire list.

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