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Scott Sheeler’s re-written Datsun Roadster Manual. One of the most complete manuals written for the Datsun Roadster. A must have the the roadster enthusiast. Click here the datsun roadster book to go to Scott’s website for purchasing information.



Performance Portfolio


This is a revision of a book that came out a long time ago. It has more pages than the first edition. It contains article reprints from the SPL213 to the 2000. This is a must have for any roadster enthusiast.
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Roadster Book by Phil Brooks

Phil put a lot of effort into this book and it shows!

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Haynes Body Repair and Painting Manual

A complete photographic guide showing car care and detailing, rust prevention as well as body repair and painting – from minor dents to major structural damage.

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Haynes Weber/Zenith Stromberg/SU Carburetor Manual

Covers most Weber carburetors ranging from the DGV series to the DCOE and IDF series. Part three covers the complete line of Stromberg CD carburetors from the 1960s to 1970s. Part four includes SU carburetors Type H, HD and HIF through 1988. Each of these European designed carburetors is illustrated with complete photo sequences and component explanation chapters. Also included is a Weber carburetor conversion chapter with detailed instructions for installing a kit onto a VW dual-port engine.

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How to Build and Power Tune SU Carburetors: by Des Hammill

This is an expert guide to building and modifying SU carburetors to suit high performance applications. It contains detailed information on: preparation; intake manifolds; single, twin and triple carb applications; altering needles; tuning sequences; rejetting; modifications for racing engines; and much more. 64 pages with 70 black and white photos and illustrations. Available from Victoria British, LTD.

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