Name Steven C. Allen
Address 1284 Illinois Drive
City Knoxville
State Iowa
Country USA
VIN SRL311-00279
Model 2000
Carbs Solex 44 PPH Late Style
Tranny 5 speed
ExtColor 666 Pale Yellow
IntColor Black
RollBar Yes
Tops Both hard and soft
Club, Mid-West Datsun Sports Car Club
Condition Restoration Project
Value Priceless
Comments Steve Allen's 1967 2 liter. Purchased 09/2008. U20, engine #00654 twin 44PH... more
Steve Allen's 1967 2 liter. Purchased 09/2008. U20, engine #00654 twin 44PHH solex carbs with a 5 speed gear box. Exterior color red with a black interior. Has both soft and hard top. Car nick named "No More Honey". Steve hails from Knoxville, IA. Steve's comments: "This is a 23 plus year old project I picked up. There is much work to do to get this car back on the road. I First off I need to inventory the parts so I can figure out what I need to get this done. Wish me luck." On going Restoration-still gathering parts-engine built-working on frame. Was red will be pale yellow. Engine is built. Have 95% of the parts. Dave Premo is rebuilt the 5 speed tranny for me. Hope to get done by 2020. Got body stripped last year and frame completely rebuilt. Engine and tranny mounted.Have a lot of sheet metal work to do, then body and paint.
Pic Pic
DatePurchased Oct-2008
Year 1967
Phone 641-226-5178
Zip 50138