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SP/SPL 1960 (1 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1962 (1 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1963 (16 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1964 (74 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1965 (74 vehicles)
SP/SPL 1966 (308 vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1967 (595 Vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1968 (537 vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1969 (637 vehicles)
SP/SPL/SR/SRL 1970 (368 vehicles)

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Note:The database is still a work in progress. Soon you should be able to login and enter your own roadster or update it. To take a look just login as a guest. Thanks.

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