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311 Shocks

So what are our options for shocks? Our vendors carry a good selection of avialable shocks. The GR2s are relatively inexspensive but still provide a good ride. The white KYB Gas-Adjusts are a bit more exspensive. Some people say they are too stiff for street use. I do not have any personal experience with them so can not comment further.

JH Bahn posted the following information which might be of interest to some. FYI: A lot of cars use the same front shocks: Chrysler: 1980-83 Cordoba, 1982 New Yorker, 1982-89 Imperial, New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, 1977-81 LeBaron, Dodge: 1976-80 Aspen, 1977-89 Diplomat, 1977-88 Mirada, Nissan: 1962-70; 1600/2000 Roadsters, Plymouth: 1982-89 Gran Fury, 1976-80 Volare. This opens up alot of options. Also for the racers there are the Koni's.

KONI 80 1750 Front
KONI 80 1751 Rear

Also Matt Silvey did some research and found that rear shocks off the 1965-1985 Datsun / Nissan 2 wheel drive pickup trucks were identical in all aspects to the Roadster shock with one exception. The fully extended length of the truck shock is slightly longer than the fully extended length of the Roadster shock (which allows for the longer suspension travel of the trucks). Compressed length, mounting hardware, diameter and all other aspects were the same.

KYB Gas Adjust Part Numbers,
KG5447 (rear)
KG4528 (front)

Dennis Louthan provided the following information on front and rear shocks:
Rear Shocks:
KYB(GR2) - 343136
Monroe - 32103(These are just a tad long but work fine)
Gabriel - 82130

Front Shocks:
KYB(GR2) - 343138
KYB(gasadjust) - 4528
Gabriel - 69704 (Ryder w/VST)???
Thanks guys. So there are alternatives out there. If you do happen to try one of these other shocks let us know how they perform. I would personally be interested in hearing how they do.

Happy roadstering.