Is it worth it? '68 2000 in VA

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Re: Is it worth it? '68 2000 in VA

Post by Daremo »

Thanks for the insight Greg!

I agree, it all depends on what you want to do and the effort you are willing to put into things.

I'm a die hard gearhead at heart. And I really love NA cars (I've owned two turbo cars - both WRX's, but everything else has been high revving, naturally aspirated cars and bikes: '98 Integra Type R, '04 S2000, '06 E46 M3, '06 Civic Si, '99 Prelude, '94 Miata, Ducati 848 Evo, to name a few). And I love the top down roadster world having owned the Miata and S2000.

I know I will stray right away from the purist/stock world in a heartbeat, which is why I really like the idea of the 2000. I have never kept any of my cars stock for very long. I would probably end up doing a slight bore with higher compression pistons, a hotter cam and carbs. I want to keep the stock configuration of engine though, and as much as I love swaps coming from the Honda/Acura world, I like the idea of a vintage engine. Just that pure mechanical sound and feel are intoxicating to me!

There is no doubt I would ever try to or want to get the same sort of power out of the car as I've gotten out of the others, or are still going for with my current car. That's why I have it, because there is still so much more room to go when it comes to power. ;) I'm looking for in the Roadster that stripped down and tactile experience of the car and the road. No frills. Just "experiences."
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Re: Is it worth it? '68 2000 in VA

Post by Gregs672000 »

Ok! Sounds like a budding Roadster owner is in the making! I would suggest a U20 and the 5 speed. The most difficult and expensive go fast part to find is the "solex" intake manifold. There's some talk and effort being done to recreate them, but who knows. There are other carb options that are non stock and would use the stock SU mani and replace the SU carbs (nothing wrong with them, but they simply don’t have the tunability of a Weber/Mikuni/Dellorto style carb). I think you will be very happy with the performance of the U20 powered car, and can satisfy your power lust with the other car.
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Re: Is it worth it? '68 2000 in VA

Post by jamesw »

Thanks Tom - I was trying to be as diplomatic as possible because everyone sees roadsters a little differently.

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