67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

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67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by Pjackb »

Starting a new thread as I feel this this question while related is a little different then the discussion in the other thread

I was just offered some parts by a gentleman that parted a few years back a 67.5 2000, he bought the car from a scrap yard in NH and parted what he could then the rest was crushed , he said he has the ID plate somewhere and I've asked him if he could find it so we can know which car and update the registry.

The interesting part of our conversation was that he mentioned that he sold the complete engine 4 years ago to a local roadster owner that planned to rebuilt it an put it in his 69 1600 but has never done it. Now as luck have it I was contacted by that owner to offer me his car , so obviously I reach out to see if the engine might be for sale.

So this brings me to my question, we all know what range a real SRL 1967.5 is worth and also what a clone based on an SPL 67.5 should be.
But what if that clone was done with a verifiable engine from an actual SRL and not just another U20 , how would you rate that car? Would it be just another clone or would you consider it as something in between ?

With the low number of cars produced it seems to me that it would make sense for it to be worth more as it's saving an original engine in a car that was only different in powertrain , but at the same time I have no idea
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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by notoptoy »

My opinion, and we know what that is worth, is that an SPL serial number with ANY engine is still an SPL that has been altered.
You can put any U20 (preferable non-smog) in an SPL and it is a clone period. To be an SRL, you need to start with an SRL vin#.
There is probably more value in selling that model specific engine to someone who has a 67.5 SRL that needs/wants an original engine - I personally think it is worth more in it's natural habitat.
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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by roadstermike »

Good question. I didnt read where value placed on a clone car compared to a real 67.5 2000. For value purposes, if a car is exactly the same, clone vs. Real 67.5 2000, what is the clone worth? Just the vin is different and all other things are the same.

Now if it has a low number engine, does that increase the clone value? I would say a little more, but only a little based on the value of the block and nonsmog head should be worth more if resold compared to a later u20, smog head engine.
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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by cole455 »

It would be worth a little more; however, I wouldn't expect it to add significant value to a clone. Basically the sum of the non-smog head and lower # u20 engine block. Figure a couple thousand at the most? Probably worth more to someone looking to install in a legit 67 2000 that's missing its original motor.
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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by jamesw »

I don't think it would add much value to the SPL clone. If I was going to buy a really nice clone, it would be because it's a cool looking car with a great engine and transmission (U20 5-speed). I wouldn't care what number is stamped on the engine.

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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by cole455 »

Certainly would be cool if he can find the tag! Always good to update the registry; every number helps narrow down production figures.
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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by Alvin »

A U20 swapped into a '67.5 SPL adds some value in general, for driver-quality cars. Like others said unfortunately the roadster is worth more in parts. For example, I have in my garage 1 '67.5 SPL with a 67 2000 U20 in it. This fact didn't help sell the car one bit, though there is some 67 2000 owner out there that wants this engine!

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A car like this '66 with a U20 is very appealing:
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Re: 67.5 SPL with 67.5 SRL powertrain

Post by JT68 »

Respectfully, and I'm not being mean or critical, it might be all the customization. Stock 67.5 1600's have sold for up around or over 20k if well done, so it makes me wonder. Is it still for sale? Asking?

To the point of this thread, i agree, I doubt the engine SN of the 2L matters much if swapped into a 1600 chassis. The value is just that its a U20 and 5 speed - if properly rebuilt, that is a lot of value. A non-smog head might add 1k additional, but it depends on who's buying. Some buyers might be all about it.

As was pointed out earlier, I'd have to agree that an early block and head would be worth the most to someone working on a real SRL.

I think it is fair to say that a clone 67.5 might be the second most valuable configuration in general at maybe 1/2 or more of the value of a true 67.5 2000 of equal condition, but many of the beautiful restorations shown on theses threads of other years would go way past that average. I can think of a few examples here that even though they aren't 1/2 years, are worth a ton just because of the beauty and attention to detail.

(Again, the silver car above, looks very clean with nice attention to detail, but some of the mods would put off many potential buyers).

I don't think Pjackb has a roadster yet - maybe Alvin's?

That red car on BAT appears to have been a steal unless it had hidden issues. You couldn't come close to building that car w/ fresh U20 for 11k.
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