1970 Sold today on eBay

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Re: 1970 Sold today on eBay

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hpimola wrote:seems like a small community
It's mostly a bunch of grumpy old guys. Every once in a while, when they remember their preparation-H, they have some very helpful info/tips/tricks! :smt003
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Re: 1970 Sold today on eBay

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I have never taken preparation H, and thus never been grumpy. Only 27k were EVER built over 6 years, so it will always be small. But in my experience of this site is that there is a great amount of useful information and tips to keep our cars on the road. Grumpy or not, even grumpy people can usefully contribute.
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Re: 1970 Sold today on eBay

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Never taken preparation H either, but that's only because I'm not limber enough to reach back there anymore :D
Mike M

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Re: 1970 Sold today on eBay

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Welcome to the family! I love them all, preparation H and all...
Greg Burrows
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