What to ask for 1970 1600

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What to ask for 1970 1600

Post by Kdbm61 »

I need some help from 311 experts! I bought my 1600 from my nephew, who had purchased it from our aunt. Our aunt bought the car brand new off the showroom floor. I say all that to say this: the car has been “in the family” since 1970! My aunt’s daughter has expressed an interest in buying the car but I have no idea what to ask for the car.

I’ve been considering selling the car but haven’t bc I wanted it to stay in the family if possible. I don’t have the time nor the money it would take to restore this car. It has not run in about 15 years & has been in storage. The car has body rust & is likely going to have to have a complete rebuild from the ground up. I want to ask a fair price for the car…fair price for both my cousin and I. Any thoughts on the value to ask for this car would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: What to ask for 1970 1600

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Pics would help

My opinion,

It appears from what you wrote it will still need a lot of work both mechanically and cosmetically, I think you are in the 3 to $5K range for an asking price. Cost to do the restoration could easily exceed $10K depending on what it needs and how far you want to take it. Hard to say without knowing the condition of things like engine, transmission, bakes, etc. but a car sitting for 15 years could have a lot of problems.

What did you pay for it? No need to answer but that might be a fair "in the family" price.

You can look up on the Hagerty valuation tool to get an idea of value - https://www.hagertyagent.com/apps/valua ... atsun-1600

You might need to sign up for a free account on Hagerty to view

From the Hagerty site, the low end for a running and driving car (#4) is about 9K

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Re: What to ask for 1970 1600

Post by bossbob »

Sounds like it is staying in the family, Your Aunt's daughter?

The car hasn't been touched in 15 years?

Doesn't sound like your going to do anything with it, and it needs a complete resto?

Be a great family guy.............

Just give her the car!!!!

That's my .02
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