Reproduction 1600 Timing Component Sprockets US Made

A spot for any one considering making or selling reproduction parts-please put parts for sale in the vendors ad section

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Reproduction 1600 Timing Component Sprockets US Made

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At the request of a customer, we had independently tested, the 3 different sprocket sets we carry. Nissan originals, thanks to Ross Mullen for the extra gear we needed, OEM maker to Nissan and our US made, exclusive to us, sprockets that we have been selling for 3 years. All the sets we gave for examination were checked by Gerhardt Gear an Aerospace gear maker in Burbank California. All tested to conformity with slight variances in timing: degrees, minutes & seconds, to themselves and to each other, surprisingly within aerospace tolerance. I did not check any Chinese or India made H20 forklift sprockets as we do not carry them like other vendors.
This was very expensive to do. Test results are published at the part numbers. We don't mind doing this, as we carefully choose our sources, but he asked why we have the steering and suspension items checked and not engine parts so we obliged him.

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