Wanted: Rear Drum Brake Cylinder

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Wanted: Rear Drum Brake Cylinder

Post by toofless »

If you have a serviceable rear brake cylinder for a '69 SRL I'm interested in saving a little over the $130 new part. Thanks!
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Re: Wanted: Rear Drum Brake Cylinder

Post by Linda »

You can get it resleeved in stainless per Karp’s Site. See Vendor page. No info on cost or if they have done a Roadster, but it is all pretty similar I would think.
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Re: Wanted: Rear Drum Brake Cylinder

Post by S Allen »

I just had four front pistons re-sleeved as well has two rear brake cylinders re-sleeved by Karp's. The prices are $79 per front piston. If you have them rebuilt that is an additional $95 per wheel so $190 total. The rear 3/4 brake cylinders were re-sleeved for $65 each. Rebuilt is an additional $20. I would recommend rebuilding the front pistons yourself as the rebuild kit which is still available from Nissan is only $50 which saves you $140. The rear I would just go ahead and have them rebuilt. Not hard but you will pay more than $20 for the rebuild kits. I had them do some rear brake cylinders for my '72 240Z a few years back as the OEM's would start leaking after a while. Since the re-sleeve there have been zero issues. So for $316 you can get the front sleeved in stainless. Most new pistons I see go for a medium price of $130. That is $520 and they are guaranteed to leak at some point. The rear brake cylinders new run around $150 each. Even with the rebuild kit the re-sleeved ones go for $85. Money well spent in my opinion.

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