67.5. 1600. Carb issue

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67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by Michael5456 »

Purchashed a 1967.5 1600 1.5 years back
Love the car but continue to have over loading of the carbs after driving an hour or so. Sit at stop light and carbs overload..Once you get going and get up to full speed the carbs setting back down
Any suggestions

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Re: 67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by Gregs672000 »

Welcome to the site! I would suggest you spend some time reviewing the carb tuning info in the wiki so you understand the system you're working with, but it sounds like they are set a bit rich at idle. There is a dial that is at the center of the carb body underneath that will lean the mixture by screwing it upwards. Try a 1/4 turn on each carb and see if that helps. Also, make sure the engine is in a good state of tune with good plugs, points, cap/rotor, condenser, plug wires and valve adjustment.
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Re: 67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by greydog »

By overloading, do you mean the mixture richens at idle and the car "loads up" so that you have to rev the engien to keep it from gradually sopping?
Or do you mean gas runs out the car overflows?
Or, does it begin to miss at idle and eventually die?

How about a description of what it's doing? When you first start it (cold) does it take much choke? Does it idle well cold with no choke?
So, now you drove over to the liquor store across town and you're on yhour way home...engien at operating temp. Car is sitting at a red light. What's it doing? Will is happily sit and idle? If not, what does it do?

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Re: 67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by kenw »

Been there with my early 67.
Yes. Do everything Greg said.
Then call up Z Therapy, buy some of their beautiful carbs and drive happy.
Ken Williams
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Re: 67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by Linda »

Be sure you have plastic floats. Brass floats can start to get pin holes, then start to sink, a little or alot, thus not shutting off the gas , a little or a lot....
Shake them to listen for gas, or boil them to watch for air bubbles.
Several threads on the subject.
Check float valves for sticking or inspect for wear...not able to function correctly
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Re: 67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by redroadster »

Not overheating too?

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Re: 67.5. 1600. Carb issue

Post by nismou20 »

You do not want the fuel level any higher than carb deck. Are you familiar with the old water level check using a clear plastic hose? This will work using a aquarium hose connected to float chamber and bending into a U shape.