Fuel tank exterior galvanizing repair

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Re: Fuel tank exterior galvanizing repair

Post by DAC21 »

Linda wrote: Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:04 pm 800 seems out of line for the Renu process. I did go to that Bellflower location when I had that process done for my tank, but it was not that pricey.
I think I would call another location just to see their cost quote, maybe give them the tank measurements.
Otherwise a boil out then a DIY tank seal might work.
There are only two Renu locations in Cali the other being in Stockton per the Corp website. Possibly others offer a similar service just not under the 'Gas Tank Renu" system/ licensing. I did mention it was an 11 gallon tank.
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Re: Fuel tank exterior galvanizing repair

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I just had my tank done with the GTRenue process. It was $500 out the door. I'm guessing each individual location can charge as they see fit within reason (mine was at Chatham Radiator...an authorized Renu location..the only one on their web site for Georgia). There is, as others said a lifetime guarantee (hell they imbed a serial number plate in the coating to match your warranty card). I can say I was not happy with the work. The National site makes it look pretty cool with a pretty shiny gloss black look, but my outside is a pretty messy looking with a brushed on appearance and there were some real messy areas on the fill connector (which need to be a lot smoother for the fill hose to slide on. I imagine if you're worried about the galvanizing and you need to do something...this stuff is not going anywhere as it looks like a pretty thick coating that will protect the tank long after I'm gone.

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Re: Fuel tank exterior galvanizing repair

Post by Linda »

My tank has a dull almost rubberized, coating on the outside which I think is very protective so I don’t mind.
Looks like my tank was done about April 2005, and still holding up.
Seems they make the point on the website that the process is for restoring OEM tanks, as it may be cheaper to buy an aftermarket tank for most cars that are not classics.

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Re: Fuel tank exterior galvanizing repair

Post by DivinDave »

I took a tank to the local gas tank renu outlet in nearby area of MD back in 2014. It was $400, but really perfect inside and out.
Went to take another roadster tank to them and they have gone away due to changes in the area they were located. The process is not dirt cheap but it is really done right.
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